I am writing you this note as a recommendation for Lou Nop and Nop’s MetalWorks. Lou and his team have my very highest recommendation.  My firm recently completed (as architects) a large and complex home that was new construction in Stowe, Vermont.  The project was demanding, precise and challenging in countless ways.  Lou and his team fabricated and erected the structural steel portion of the project with tolerances to a fraction of an inch, and, as well, fabricated and installed all of the ornamental metal work.  Much of the this work presented real challenges in terms of fabrication, execution, installation and finishing.  Each element turned out exceptionally well.  It is unusual to find a single firm that can handle both structural and ornamental metal work, as well has the amazing work Lou does moving structures!  You can be confident that Lou and his team will succeed in any endeavor he undertakes.

Wishing you the best with your project. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

Peter Guzy
Asfour Guzy Architects
594 Broadway, suite 1204
New York, New York  10012

Hi Lou!   Here is a link to the photos on Joan’s website. There are several of the the steel. I would be delighted to tell your client how happy we are. Does she want to call me?  914-629-9250. Or please feel free to tell her how thrilled we were with the process, your team, and the product. It might be my favorite feature in the house!  You’re the best, Lou! 

Thanks again...