Structural Jacking & Demolition

Preservation work often includes structural jacking to repair an old foundation. Sometimes, the best option is to save the entire building and move it to a more suitable location.

Nop's Metalworks will walk a customer through a project to create a scope of work, guide them through the impact and possibilities, and provide options. We use methods that include crib jacks, power pack, unified jacking systems, fork truck, cranes and excavating equipment — to minimize displacement and maximize structural integrity. Structural jacking can be desirable and cost-effective because it enables a customer to remodel a structure that is already owned. Nop's Metalworks maintains a strong commitment to a clean and safe work environment and is OSHA compliant.

Demolition projects can be part of an overall renovation, or a stand-alone investment. We use the right tools, combined with thoughtful approaches, to ensure a superior customer experience.